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It is sometimes okay to waste that .50cent slice of ZA

Okay well in NYC that slice probably costs alittle, or alot more than fitty cent. BUT WHY, oh WHY, do I have a hard time throwing out uneaten food. Beyond the fact that there are starving children (and others besides just children) in third world countries, it pains me to have a box of pizza next to my desk not being eaten.

Today a co-worker treated us to pizza, and I promised myself only 1 slice. To make sure I wouldnt go overboard, I went to the cafe for a salad to fill up on veggies. When the pizza arrived, I decided two would be okay because they were square, thin, and small….(I PINKY SWEAR!) I am no longer hungry, and being in a tight dress today, I definitley do NOT want to eat more. But the problem is, that I DO. I do want that pizza its just screaming at me.

Currently, the box is sitting on my desk just BEGGING to be eaten. Do any of my co-workers have a hard time with this, because I feel like i need to seek some sort of medical attention. Once the pizza is in the trash, I will have no problem getting over the pizza devil. But having it sit here actually PAINS me..ok im dramatic. But it wasnt easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!

This was just on my mind, and I had to get it out…and it helped to move my fingers steadily to distract the devil pizza on my shoulder.

Running Barefoot

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Lately, I am all about forcing other to be miserable with me while I try to eat healthy and maintain relatively fit. The other night I was able to drag (literally!) my mother to the track with me after dinner. I wanted to try running barefoot to see if it would subside my knee pain. I ran a half mile barefoot and at first it felt great and my knee actually felt fine. But after a half mile the pain came back and I was sad that barefoot running wasnt an instant cure to runners knee, because any excuse to be barefoot is ok in my book. I was surprised that I was running flat footed rather than on my toes. After just two laps, i had a blister forming on my pink toe! I couldnt imagine going any further. The track is soft, and pounding the cushioned surface becamse quite annoying actually! I dont know why, but i want to like barefoot running? However, if i uglify my feet anymore i may lose my boyfriend and my manicurist!

Dumps in the Truck

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Last night I was home before 6pm which allowed for me to help prepare dinner and go to the gym. I threw some defrosted ribs into the oven, and prepared a salad.  I was even able to convince my family that we didn’t need to add unnecessary chinese dumps on the side. When I was on WW they teach you to fill your plate with veggies and then a smaller portion of protein, and then the smallest area with a side. I am not on WW, but I did leave with some great healthy living tips. One of them not being to save all of your calories so you can indulge on chocolate, and anything laden in sugar. Lately that is how I think it works, and I KNOW it is wrong. I’ll stick to my healthy lunch and then as soon as I get bit by the sugar bug, i crack and run to the sweets.

I also was greeted with my package from champion, I discovered this awesome tank through the legendary Skinny Runner. I love it because like most workout tops, it not tight-fitting, and I can actually breathe a little instead of worrying about sucking it in during my run throughout my town. 

Maternity Shirts Save Lives

After dinner, I hit up the gym with a long run on the agenda. These days a long run constitutes as anything longer than 2 miles. With this runners knee, i usually can’t take the pain any longer. Going into the gym my knee was feeling great so I thought it would finally be the night that I would run 5+. WRONG…finished at 2.28 miles before I had to abruptly give up. I know i should listen to my body telling me to slow down, and that it would be worth it in the long run but it is so hard to quit something that makes me feel so great (addiction?). 

After the gym, I stopped at Harmon Beauty Supply to pick up a product that I am super excited about. Healthy Hoof Laquer is supposed to make a manicure everlasting! which super excites me because manicures on me last all of 2 days.

It is for the horses

Someone at the nail salon told me it made her manicure last over a week, and even more awesome is that it was under 3 bucks! WIN! (Is anyone else getting so sick of that term?) Horse groomers actually use this on elite horses for their nails, so this stuff is like steel.

Welp, back to work…Tonight I hope to get in a workout. But on the menu for dinner tonight is Salmon from Costco:)

Worst Blogger of Bloggers Award

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moving on…

I know I promised an Easter update, but at this point I think I waited to long and if you know me my brain only holds things for up to 4 days and then I forget anything before that.  I have the worst memory, and people who can remember things amaze me. I can’t even remember what I did this weekend..but i’ll try…

First, I would like to complain about my runners knee. I have been experiencing severe knee cap pain for about a year now. I usually run through it, it seems to hurt in the beginning of a run and at the end of a run. The pain is so bad just lightly tapping my knee creates excruciating pain. Last week, I kept running to minimum and ran 1-2 miles on the treadmill followed with some elliptical and bike torture.  Because my gym doesn’t offer classes my options are limited, but today it seems to feel better and I am hoping to increase mileage to prepare for my (second) 10k on May 14th.

Apparently, I have been complaining about it a lot because the  other night my family gathered around the table to sing the blues about my runners knee. My dad whipped out his harmonica and my brother accompanied him on the guitar…it was hysterical and i snapped some photos of this ridiculousness!

Runners Knee Blues

Do you love how awesome my camera is? I can’t own any electronics, because I’ll break it before I even make my first facebook upload 😦 I also just discovered this site that helps you find the perfect music for your run by entering your mile time. MOTIVATION PEOPLE!

As of lately, I have been doing alot of shopping for running gear at Road Runners Sports because I am VIP and they do price matching. But, a few days ago I went to Modells Sports to pick up some more of my favoriteeeeee spandex. I came across these neon pink spandex, and had to buy. They actually have a great collection of gear there, but they never have sales so they are sold at shelf price.  I love these, and they do not ride down like most running tights. Also, because most good running shoes look like mom sneaks 2000, i bought these hot neon green laces to slap on my Brooks Ghost 3’s. Check it…

Fabulous in PinK<3

This weekend was spent drinking with friends, and I managed to stay responsible all weekend. Which means no wicked hangover the next day (ya know my signature puking up my insides for 6+ hours straight) and made it to the gym 1 out of 2 days, that means a win in my book!  Friday night was spent in NYC and then saturday in Hoboken. I am such a party girlllL!!!!!@#$%^&*~! Usually, I like to party only one night but I better step up my game because I need to practice keeping up with the big dogs for this upcoming summer at the jERSEy SHAW!!!!! Now only if I could perfect my snookie poof, white as milk skin, and bicep girth.

Spring is in the Air Everywhere I Look Around!


It is finally starting to get warmer outside, but since I always rather something else…today is a little too warm for me:) I sweat more than lindsay lohan in court…and on the way back from Whole Foods during lunch, I couldn’t wait to get back in the office. The Tribeca Film Festival is going on now, and if I didn’t have a job you bet your bottom dolla id be stalking out on the corner with the paparazzi and my super duper camera phone:)

Some bitching that i did included the train delays due to wiring issues, and the slow lady at McDonald’s who couldn’t remember my order that included 2 Medium coffees with SKIM MILK, no SUGAR, no flavoring. After asking me 3 times over again, she handed me a large ice caramel latte with whip and drizzle. AND it was 115 degrees in there. She let me keep it for free, and i had a coupon for buy 1 get 1 iced coffee, so 3 coffees for 1..SCORE! o yeah i am supposed to be complaining here. Since i was trying to not drink the 600 calories in the coffee milkshake, i gave it to someone else:) go me! 

my lunch from whole foods was EH….it consisted of sesame tofu, beef-ish tofu, balsamic tofu with spinach garlic and peppers, curried cauliflower, and Waldorf chicken salad. All for 10 bucks!!! what a steal..not. I never know what to do when i get there and I panic and just throw some items in the tub. I SHOULD have gotten the rotitsserre chicken for $4.99! O well next time:(

Moving backwards….I had off friday from work and i headed to the hair salon to get this coif taken care of. Ta-da…

Too much money later...

  I also exchanged my Tori Burch flats, for a pair that wasnt falling apart. A normal person would return them if they had tem for a week and they fell apart, but not me.

I cant remember what went on friday night, but Saturday night I went out for Thai, and then to a neighbors party where we karaoke-d the night away and smoked the hookah! Love seeing family members do this and its acceptable for me to do because it is a traditional in the Indian culture. (our neighbs are indian) I would post the hilarious pictures of my mother trying to work the pipe, but she still thinks shall get stalked if any of her information is on the world-wide web, and since my blog is so famous i wouldnt want to put her in that situation.

Cream of wheat sent me a free sample of Cinnabon flavored oatmeal so i can review their product because I signed up for some thing to get free samples.  And this was before my blog…true foodie right here trying to get some free eats by entering my personal information.

I doubt this is healthy, and i am sure it is loaded with sugar, but my mouth liked it. It wasnt as sweet as I expected, in fact I probably would have liked it more if it was sweeter. But then again, I can eat chocolate and gummy bears for breakfast.  I didn’t even know there was a difference between oatmeal and cream of wheat, this is smoother like grits.

HAPPY BELATED EASTER…belated updates to come, and they have something to do with me receiving soap, organic fruit snacks, and gum from the easter bunny.

Looove the Goat

Last night after seeing Catch Me If You Can, we decided to eat at a Atlas Cafe. The name of this place is fitting, because you practically need an atlas to navigate this menu! On this visually stimulating menu, they color code everything to distinguish between vegan/vegetarian dishes. I am neither, but I am a wannabe.

Reviews seem to be hit or mess, but I was simply happy with this place. I ordered the smoked salmon salad, and I made a mistake of not realizing that smoked salmon simply meant smoked LOX. But it was very large, and costs around 7 dollars I believe. Because I am the most indecisive person ever, I was quite surprised that I ordered so simply. But of course, I should have gotten (these are LeeCPC’s famous words) something different:) I have a goat cheese obsesh! The first thing I do when I get a menu is scan the entire thing for the word G-O-A-T.  This salad had tomatoes, avocado, goat cheese, and mushrooms. It was past my bedtime, and my brain must have shut off because I also forgot that last time I had ordered something with the avo+goat combo, it g-rossed me out! But I was so tired and hungry (it was almost 11PM!) so I ate it.

Rikky had ordered the soup/salad/sandwich combo but somehow they misheard him and he got a full wich’ and a full bowl of DELISH minestrone soup. I put salt on everything, but this didn’t need anything. It was full of beans, string beans, carrots, and a whole mother load of other veggies that I cant remember because I’m a bad beginner blogger and I was too concerned about my  eating my food before getting stolen by an East VIllage gypsy. (Run on sentences are acceptable for beginner bloggers) He also had the Morcoccan Chicken sandwich, which was on the spicier side.

Somehow a ginormous slice of peanut butter chocolate mousse cake landed in a bag and followed me home.  I allowed it to enter my mouth, and had no regrets because that pie was the bomb-diggity. This place is definitley worth revisiting for their desserts, especially if you are vegan or a veg head! 🙂

Catch Me If You Can

I have had many different digital cameras, but sometimes college got in the way and somehow I figured out a way to break every single one. Even if I did have a camera the people who work at the theatre are a bunch of CRAZIES and go absolutely haywire on people if they see a flash. No photography inside the theatre, not before or during the show. We were trying to figure out the big deal with taking pictures inside the theatre before the show has even started. Maybe they are trying to keep the mystery alive. So don’t take pictures, because they will catch you, and they will make a scene. One of the women yelled so loudly she silenced the theatre.

I am pretty much obsessed with theatre. I am not good at it myself, but if I had to choose to be anything in the world it’d be the next Broadway star. My iPod is consumed with show tunes, and I know every single word to the every single song in Rent, In the Heights, and Next to Normal. Going to a Broadway show is my version of going to a concert. I even listen to this muzak while working out and the other 22.5 hours of the day, my brother ALWAYS tells me how much of a loser I am! RUDE! But watching someone on stage, sing to hundreds of dark faces gives me chills every time. I love the amount of work, practice and talent that is put together to create bone chilling performances. It surrrrre is magical.

Last night we went to go see Catch Me If You Can, the musical. It starred Aaron Tveit, who was in the original cast of in Next to Normal. Also in the show, was a Candice Marie Woods, who I last saw in Legally Blonde (awesome show). The first half seemed sloppy. I think this show would be better off as a play than a musical. Like everything else, I doubt this show will last. The second half was much better, maybe because that’s when more of the love story came through and more solo singing. Overall, I didn’t love it but I liked it! I can’t wait to watch the movie now.

Let’s Learn!

 Last night kicked off the first night of Passover, and I was so excited to be invited to the Ravid’s for the experience! (For those who do not know I am catholic) The booklet that was used to follow along had the english translation on the opposite page so I was able to follow along. I found it so interesting and thought I would share what I learned last night and with some help from my friend Mr. Google.

From what I got from it, the holiday symbolizes the Israelis being freed from slavery in Egypt. But here is a more in dept explanation.

God helped the Children of Israel escape slavery in Egypt by inflicting ten plagues upon the Egyptians before Pharaoh would release his Israelite slaves; the tenth and worst of the plagues was the slaughter of the first-born. The Israelites were instructed to mark the doorposts of their homes with the blood of a spring lamb and, upon seeing this, the spirit of the Lord passed over these homes, hence the term “passover”. When Pharaoh freed the Israelites, it is said that they left in such a hurry that they could not wait for bread dough to rise (leaven). In commemoration, for the duration of Passover no leavened bread is eaten, for which reason it is called “The Festival of the Unleavened Bread”. Matzo (flat unleavened bread) is a symbol of the holiday.(

Traditional Items on a Seder Plate

Horseradish– bitter herbs, symbolizing bitterness of the slavery that jews endured in Egypt

Date Puree- a sweet brown mixture to represent the mortar (a building paste) used by the Jewish slaves to build houses in Egypt

Celery – another bitter vegetable that is dipped in salt water to represent the tears

Chicken – represents the meat offered in the Temple of Jerusalem, it is not eaten or handled during the Seder

Hard Boiled Egg – a symbol of mourning, eggs are the first thing served to mourners after a funerals

The food served was delicious, and I forgot to take pictures 😦 As you can tell, the Seder plate was also already eaten! We were starving after all that reading. We had fish, and 7-grain rice, and my friend Sarah made a delicious Chocolate matzah cake. Whenever I go to Sarah’s, I eat my face off. There are always all kinds of leftovers in her fridge, but what I look forward to most is this diet grapefruit drink. It doesn’t taste like traditional bitter grapefruit juice, its Israeli and its awesome! 


That is your lesson for the day kiddos, don’t forget to do your homework for tonight kids, and be sure to come back for a review of the broadway show of:  CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!

The Musical




Tri-Colored Skin and Panty (!) Hose

Before I tell you about the wonderful Sedar I attended last night, I wanted to VENT about a very serious issue I am having today.

Since my legs are in no way ready to be exposed to the public, I am stuck wearing skin- colored tights. I threw on a pair that had those control top bicycle shorts on, but I’m pretty sure everyone from the tri-state area saw them while I was walking down the street. Yep, I had to stop at duane reade to face such a hard decision: NUDE, BEIGE, MEDIUM, SUNTAN, or MEDIUM BEIGE. I am already the most indecisive person ever (ever.), and it doesn’t help that the packaging is so geniusly designed so that you cannot see the tights inside the box. I went with the nude, and now my legs are slightly discolored. If that’s not bad enough, I got a pizza face (I blame the massive amount of sweatage during running) that I covered with makeup, and then a totally different color chest. I hate those days where your just itching to get the outfit you’re wearing off because it’s so uncomfortable, because that’s definitely today.

PS. I googled pantyhose but I didn’t want people at work to see that I was staring at a picture of a woman with her control top panty hose on, because thats really awkward.

ALSO…since when did ONE pair of panty (ew hate that word) hose become almost $6?! I’m pretty sure I wear them once before I find a run in them. Highway robbery.

I would have worn black, but apparently its supposed to be spring-time and I wasnt sure if that was ok? Does anyone know if black PANTY hose is ok in the spring and summer months?

Maybe I should rename my blog to lisabitchalot…I could seriously write a blog about things that annoy me.

Weekend Recap


Remembering that this week is a short one  – with Friday off for Good Friday – made getting out of bed at 5:30 this morning alittle bit easier…but not much.  I much rather be home chillin in the sunshine.

Life doesn’t get much better than this!
I was a bad blogger because I didn’t post this weekend, but I did remember to take some pictures!
 I was able to get home Friday night at a reasonable hour, and it was still light out! I skipped going out for pizza with the fam and strapped on my Garmin to hit the road for a run. My legs are tight, probably because I have yet to take a break since running the 10k. I squeezed in 5.25 miles, and even ran through my ol’ stomping grounds at River Dell High School.  A track tournament was going on, and i began to think how cray cray it is that I graduated HS in 2005. To the HS kids, I’m sure that sounds so old lady-ish.
For dinner, I made some Kale Chips. So simple and tasty, and once you pop you can’t stop..nah I lied. Pringles are better.
Kale ‘Chips’

The past few weeks, I actually have been going to sleep earlier on weekends than weekdays. Such a grandma! I don’t even mind it. I gave myself 20 minutes before I fell asleep during the movie MILK…I lasted 25 minutes! Which is probably some sorta record for me. If you want to watch a movie with me for longer than 20 minutes, ya gotta give me food, keep all beds and potential sleep surfaces far away, bring me to a movie theatre for a chick flick, keep the lights on, or watch it in the middle of the day. If the movie is one I never heard of, contains violence, or lots of cars, sorry your more than likely to have me passed out in 7 minutes.

In NJ , all we know how to do is shop. Well, that is all I know. We live less that 3 miles away from 4 malls. I accidentally found myself in Nordstrom trying on a pair of Christian Louboutins, so i splurged and bought 2! Whatever ya only live once. JUST KIDDING…I cant pronounce the name which means I probably shouldnt even buy a pair….and maybe because they’re 900 dollars. I thought it was amusing that the gentleman brought out a pair for me to try on, hoping that I would try them on an fall in love while handing him the plastic.  I was hoping it was the other way around, and this sweet gentleman would hand me over the plastic. HOWEVER, i did splurge a little. I purchased a pair of Tory Burch flats.
Did someone put drugs in my breakfast?

I’m not sure why I thought it was okay to splurge on these. Either I was drugged, or maybe I’m still high from that race a few weeks ago. I thought these would be the most comfortable and amazing things on earth since sliced bread nutella, but I was wrong.  So far these things are WICKED, my toes hurt. But Car told me to wear them in, which will not be a problem. With the price tag on these things, I’ll be wearing them in my sleep and to my funeral.

My mom yelled at me, I told her they are worth it and if she wanted I could return them for these pups.

Irish bulldog (I think) and Dachshund ❤

Saturday night, I went to a benefit for Jersey Battered Women Services. I won a gift basket in the tricky tray.

Lotions, poo and conditioners , bathrobe, some makeup, and other thangs

 We had some nasty weather on Saturday, with high winds and crazy rain. I ran 2.24 in the rain because I’m so hardcore and love to run, and it’s gotta be good training for…um something. And sunday, it was gorg out and mom and I went for a walk. Dinner was roasted chicken, mashed taters, corn, and broccoli. it was delish. and I forgot to snap a pic. Sorry ya’ll. 😉
Today should be a relatively smooth day, and I am hoping to finally get out on time, 4:30, to go home to run or go to the gym. I really struggle getting anything done unless its running. I seriously do not know how people stay on an elliptical or bike machine for an hour. I think thats torture. How do you people do it?!
Also tonight starts passover, happy passover!